• Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master : A Yogi’s Autobiography is the personal memoir of Sri M – spiritual guide, social reformer and educationist. The book details the astonishing evolution of Mumtaz Ali Khan into Sri M – a yogi with insightful knowledge of the Upanishads, other scriptures and a scholastic understanding of global religions.

    In the memoir, Sri M describes his life's experiences in broad detail : the adventurous travels in the Himalayas and elsewhere; his illuminating trysts with seers and saints of various faiths; the years spent in apprenticeship with his Master – Maheshwarnath Babaji; close encounters with the inexplicable and supernatural; and his eventual spiritual transformation as Sri M.  

    A compelling read delving into Indian mystical traditions, higher levels of consciousness, and the transmuting path to self-fulfillment, Sri M guides the reader to the value of universal oneness and a glimpse of the Absolute Truth, that surpasses human understanding, yet is within reach of an ardent seeker.

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