Chapter 50 : The journey continues

This is the concluding chapter and it is going to be quite short. I write this sitting in my tent in Haridwar.The cool waters of the Ganga are not far from here. We are a big group of almost eighty-five gathered here to attend the Purna Kumbha Mela.The Purna or full Kumbha Mela occurs once in 12 years and we are here to spend a few days amidst the hundreds of holy men who come in from all quarters of India, and the thousands who come to take their blessings and bathe in the sacred river.Our tents are situated in a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of the Mela and yet close enough to walk over and participate in all the activities of the Mela, when and if so we desire.

As I wind up my autobiography, I shall now spell out a few important points before coming to the thanksgiving. I say this sitting before the Dhuni, with the Fire and the Supreme Being as witnesses.

Do not accept as authentic, any biography that may come after my time which contains material that does not factually agree with what I have written here in my autobiography, especially if the facts are twisted to glorify me.

The other important point is this : I have, as of now, not selected anyone to be my spiritual successor.There are sincere and devoted souls who are close to me, but I have not found anyone ready yet, to take on that stupendous responsibility.Perhaps, someone amongst them might develop the requisite qualifications or a new and mature soul, who has past links with me, as some from the present group have, might appear. I shall wait patiently, and give clear indications when the time is ripe.

A very important aspect about the spiritual-successor-syndrome that needs to be clarified : If by any chance I donot designate someone as my spiritual successor before my death, I warn our friends not to accept anyone who claims to be my spiritual successor, on account of having seen me in a dream saying so, or proving his or her credentials through spirit writing or some such nonsense. I hereby declare that I shall not ever use so-called mediums of whatever kind, to instruct people or express my thoughts.

Those sincere, able and kind souls who take up administrative positions in running the affairs of The Satsang Foundation and its schools should, under no circumstances, consider themselves as my sole spiritual heirs unless i categorically spell it out before my body ceases to function.

Having said this, I must now thank all those who helped me in executing Babaji’s plan.

First, I thank my mother and father, who brought me into this world so that I could do the work allotted to me. I call them my first providers. I thank my wife for bearing and putting up with the eccentricities of a crazy husband like me, and my children for understanding and sympathising with my peculiarities.Then, I thank all the providers, spiritual and temporal, who came to my help from my childhood to the present, supporting my work so selflessly.

To all those souls, and also to those who are silent and unknown, I offer my repeated prostrations, bow down again, and kiss their toes in utter humility.May Sri Guru bestow his boundless grace on them.

This is the end of this autobiography, but I pray that it becomes the beginning of a fascinating spiritual journey for you.

In love and friendship,


Sri M reads Chapter 50 : The Journey Continues, from the book

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