Before I take you with me on this adventurous journey, from the southern coast of India to the snowy heights of the mystical Himalayas and back, meeting extraordinary individuals, and sharing unusual and incredible experiences, I would like to say a few words which will put everything in its proper perspective.

Until now, I have held most of my experiences I have written about in this book, close to my heart, not letting even my closest friends, persuade me to come out with anything more than a hint of what lay hidden in the depths of my consciousness.

Why was I so secretive in these matters, and why have I now spilled the beans, as the expression goes? Let me answer these questions now :
My master Babji, although he had hinted that I would at some point, write an autobiography, the green signal to do that, which I was expecting from him,. did not come till two years ago.Even after that, I deliberated a great deal for over six months, before reluctantly beginning to write, mainly for two reasons :

One, I was afraid that, caught in the fantasy of the fascinating saga, the sincere spiritual aspirant might miss out the practical and necessary aspects of of the spiritual journey.
Two, that the critical reader, finding some parts of the narrative unbelievably strange, might dismiss the whole book as a cock-and-bull story.

However, what clinched the issue in favor of writing this autobiography were the following factors :

First; it occurred to me that it was my business to write what I experienced and leave it to the small minority of skeptical readers to accept or reject. I felt I was being unfair to the majority of readers, by hesitating to tell my story for fear of the minority.

Second; after the appearance of The Autobiography of a Yogi, very few authentic spiritual biographies have appeared and the writers of even those, are no longer alive and available for discussion. Also, however authentic Swami Yogananda’s autobiography is, he hadn’t personally spent much time in the Himalayas. Therefore, I thought it was important that I relate my experiences, especially those I had in the Himalayas, right now, so that I am available to the reader for a one on one.

Third; I wanted to prove the point that great teachers like Babaji and Sri Guru, influence the tide of spiritual evolution silently, behind the scenes, even though very few know of their existence.

I appeal to the readers to ignore those parts that appear to them as too fantastic to be real, if need be, and read the rest so that they don’t miss the great teachings of Sri Guru and Babaji. About my Guru, I can only say what Swami Vivekananda said about his own guru, “A particle of dust from his blessed feet could have created a thousand Vivekanandas.”
Substitute ‘Vivekananda’ with ‘M’ and you’ll know what I mean.

So, come with me on this wonderful journey dear readers, and may the blessings of the Masters be with you.

Sri M reads the Foreword from the book

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