Wisdom of the Rishis: The Three Upanishads: Ishavasya, Kena & Mandukya

wisdom-of-the-rishisWisdom of the Rishis is a book of comprehensive insights by Sri M into the three Upanishads – Ishavasya, Kena and Mandukya.

This book on the Upanishads, based on discourses by Sri M, asserts that the Ishavasya, Kena and Mandukya Upanishads are inquisitive insights into the origin and purpose of life and existence, which has been a mystery to man from the very beginning of time.

Ishavasya Upanishad delves into the existence of life and proclaims the all-pervasiveness of the totality of consciousness known as Isha and urges one to let go the narrow self-centered identity; the Kena Upanishad details the existence of one’s id, and is the most analytical and metaphysical of the three Upanishads, its purpose being to lead the mind from the gross to the subtle, from effect to cause; and the Mandukya Upanishad deals with the various states of consciousness that a human being is known to experience and the common witness to these three states who is not affected by the states themselves and is the epitome of total consciousness. This book discusses the scientific approach that man hasundertaken, as early as the Vedic times, to understand the mysteries of all forms of life and the universe.Written in a clear and cogent fashion, Sri M’s discourses on the three Upanishads are rendered beautifully helping one to expand the self-consciousness.

Publication and Translations
Published in 2002 by Magenta Press, the book has also been published in Marathi and Malayalam and is available online in Kindle and e-book format.

The Little Guide to Greater Glory and a Happier Life

The-Little-GuideThe Little Guide to Greater Glory and a Happier Life is a concise collection of writings by Sri M that guides spiritual seekers to find the true path and lead a more productive life.

This book is an excellent introduction to the philosophy of Sri M. Spiritual seekers are often confused by the conflicting possibilities before them, and this book’s practical wisdom helps one to sift through the chaff and understand the nuances of the true path in order to lead a life of contentment and peace. Featured are deep insights on meditation (coupled with service to mankind) not just for the novice seeker but also for those aspirants who lead a worldly life and are facing its increased stress.

A practical guide to get more out of life and involving one’sheart in the journey through life, it features advice on how to take responsibility for one’s life and avoid the pitfalls of a materialism-led everyday life. Finding a happier life is not necessarily one filled with comforts but rather finding the meaning behind one’s existence and realizing how blissful it is to ascend the higher levels of consciousness.Through constant will and practice, one can exercise the prescribed tenets in the book for the fulfillment of one’s inner potential.

The book was published in 2002 by Magenta Press and is also available online in Kindle and e-book format.

Jewel in the Lotus: Deeper Aspects of Hinduism

JewJewel In The Lotus: Deeper Aspects Of Hinduism seeks to capture the essence of Hinduism, lost as it is between the teachings of ancient literature and the trappings of modernity.

Hinduism, also known as Sanatana Dharma, is a global religion based on the pursuit of truth and the true nature of reality. It is shaped by its intricate relationship with metaphysics, spiritual teachings, philosophy, cultural practices and its vast repository of ancient literature. Through this book, Sri M helps the readers absorb the teachings of Hinduism into their daily lives without the need for retreating from the modern world or compromising on its offerings.

Increasinglyrelevant in the emerging global community, the universal principles of Hinduism, as explained in this book, contain immense possibilities for spiritual growth and integration.Revolving around the life experience and teachings of Sri M, the book is a creative interaction between the teacher and the seeker, making it a powerful vehicle for inner growth and self-realization.With care, practice and knowledge, one can reap benefits of the messages ingrained in the scriptures of Hinduism.

Publication and Translations
Published in 1997 by Magenta Press, the book has also been published in Marathi and Malayalam and is available online in Kindle and e-book format.